At ERDI, we create the conditions for inspired design by bringing together educational leaders and innovators, who are committed to the continuous improvement of public education, to analyze, discuss, and propose solutions for current problems of practice.

Through a series of rich panel discussions, ERDI’s nationally-recognized educators review and offer meaningful feedback to top innovators to influence and guide the development of products and services that will ultimately support and enhance student learning. Exposure to the latest in educational research and development, coupled with opportunities to connect with colleagues from across the country, ensures a tremendous professional learning experience for all. 

ERDI Mission

Our mission is to provide a forum for dialogue between outstanding educational leaders and committed education innovators and developers to shape products, goods, and services that will inspire excellence in education and enrich the achievement of all learners.

ERDI Purposes

  • ERDI provides educational leaders the opportunity to influence the development, refinement and delivery of the products and services entering the PK-12 educational setting so that those products and services can best meet the needs of all students.  
  • ERDI is a professional development and growth experience for educational leaders and innovation partners.  Institute participants engage in robust dialogue to improve the products and services used in schools.
  • ERDI provides opportunities for education leaders and innovators to keep abreast of the latest developments in educational theory, practice, management and technology.
  • ERDI cultivates a collaborative environment where education leaders and innovators address current problems of practice in education.
  • ERDI provides a means for educators and innovators to share views and concerns on the development of educational supports for teachers—and to address unmet needs of our schools.

ERDI Affirmations

  • ERDI does not publish, manufacture or provide educational materials or services.
  • ERDI does not promote organizations that participate in ERDI Institutes.
  • ERDI Consulting Members are not expected to purchase products, goods, or services from any participating organization.
  • ERDI enters no contracts with school districts, receives no compensation from school districts, and protects school districts from inequitable commercial influences by prohibiting designers, developers and related organizations from excluding others seeking to attend any institute function.
  • ERDI advocates for no vendor of a product or service. It does not act as agent for any vendor of a school district.  It negotiates no agreements between school districts and vendors.



The Education Research and Development Institute (ERDI) empowers school districts and their leaders throughout the United States to directly examine, evaluate and fundamentally influence the design and scope of educational products and services offered to American schools and their students.

Through research-based analysis and assessment, ERDI school districts and their leaders provide product/services developers unvarnished, impartial and unequivocal feedback and recommendations on what works—and doesn’t work—with school populations.  It is through these intensive assessments that products and services are refined and modified to ultimately maximize their effectiveness in meeting student needs. Unlike other research opportunities, ERDI offers to those who develop educational products and services the ability to obtain unbiased, straightforward and frequently blunt criticism from the very practitioners—nationwide educational leaders with a broad array of expertise—who best understand educator and student needs.



The Institute’s conferences traditionally encompass a 3-hour analysis of each product or service being developed, and includes feedback from at least five leading educators nationwide.

Each analysis focuses on the means by which a product or service meets student needs, and the barriers and practical realities the developer may confront if modifications are not considered.

Each developer of a product or service may narrow or widen the specific issue(s) to be reviewed at an Institute session;

it is understood that products and services are at different phases of development, and that research needs can vary considerably.  The purpose of ERDI is to meet the needs of school districts; it achieves its goal by providing meaningful research opportunities to those who ultimately serve school districts and their students.

Because disclosure of proprietary intellectual property is commonly crucial for meaningful analysis, all product and service disclosures in a research session remain strictly confidential.

To ensure candor and the highest level of trust, all participants in each research session are contractually required to retain confidentiality of both (i) disclosures and (ii) feedback.