Dr. Jennifer Ferrari

Jessica Weinberg
Chief Operating Officer

Mike Hubbard
Executive Director of ERDI Partnerships

Dr. Rudy Castruita
Senior Advisor ERDI I

Dr. Linda Clark
Senior Advisor ERDI II

Scott Frauenheim
Senior Advisor ERDI III

Margie Sharp
Senior Advisor ERDI IV




Dr. Joseph Wise

David Sundstrom JD

Steve Svendsen

Monique Langston

Dr. Paul Dulle
Chairman Emeritus

Dr. Michael Kneale

For nearly 35 years, ERDI has cultivated and preserved the inspiring vision of Dr. Mike Kneale, ERDI’s founder. He and his wife, Patti, built and nurtured a collegial atmosphere where district leaders could offer candid feedback and insight to researchers and developers in service of improving our young people’s experiences and opportunities in school. Mike & Patti Kneale led the Institute from its inception in 1985 through 2006. From 2006-2017, Dr. Paul Dulle, and his wife Suzi, built upon ERDI’s strong foundation and enhanced the vision to continue to meet the needs of the 21st century. After the Dulles’ retirement in 2017, Dr. Joseph Wise and David Sundstrom assumed leadership of ERDI. Together, with ERDI’s newly appointed President, Dr. Jennifer Ferrari, they continue to honor and build upon the ERDI mission.