What We’ve Learned About Implementing Social-Emotional Learning – Dr. Shelley Berman

Creating an effective environment for social-emotional learning requires planning, professional development and significant staff time. It demands clarity of vision and focused attention by district and school leadership.

Culture Trumps Strategy

Dr. Joseph Wise is joined by guest Larry Spring, Superintendent of Schenectady City School District. Hear about Larry’s work in his district as it applies to educators, students, families, and the community. Larry also discusses how Schenectady has become more culturally competent and how these changes have made great improvements for the district.

Using Tech to Accelerate Mastery Learning Among Students

In this month’s edition, Dr. Joseph Wise chats with Dr. Wendy Johnson of Kuna, Idaho, who has served as Kuna School District Superintendent since 2012. They discussed her experiences in using technology to accelerate mastery learning among students. Wendy has brought Kuna into the digital age effectively and responsibly, and shares anecdotes on challenges faced, best practices, and professional development.

EdTech and Measuring Efficacy

In our first Radio: ERDI podcast, Joey Wise sits down with Kevin Hoffman, Associate Manager of Innovative Learning at Aspire Public Schools, to discuss how we know if EdTech is actually working and how schools are measuring efficacy.