Summer 2019 

Hobsons – (Click here for research)

Choosing where to apply to college is a complex problem with long-term consequences, but many students lack the guidance necessary to make optimal choices. I show that a technology which provides low-cost personalized college admissions information to over forty percent of high schoolers significantly alters college choices. Students shift applications and attendance to colleges for which they can observe information on schoolmates’ admissions experiences. Responses are largest when such information suggests a high admissions probability. Dis-advantaged students respond the most, and information on in-state colleges increases their four- year college attendance. Data features and framing, however, deter students from selective colleges.

Kognito – (Click here for research) 

The effectiveness of Kognito’s At-Risk for Elementary School Educatorsis the subject of this study. The study reports on data collected from 18,896 elementary school teachers who participated in the one-hour interactive mental health training simulation, where they practice talking with a student and a parent mental health concerns. The study highlights the lack of mental health education that teachers receive in their preparation coursework. It concludes that the “brief online role‐play simulation was an effective strategy for improving teacher attitudes and behaviors needed to perform a positive mental health gatekeeper role in schools.” 

Move This World – (Click here for white paper) 

The term safe and supportive schools has been sprinkled across our headlines and news feeds, but is it another buzzword or here to stay? The term is much more than reactive legislation and strategies in response to school tragedies. The idea of wanting equity, safety, and support in schools is not new, nor should it be anything less than a priority across classrooms, schools, and districts. In this white paper, you will learn how trauma-informed and sensitive practices are the foundation for equitable, safe, and supportive schools and learning environments. You also will discover easy-to-implement next steps and tips for planning for the future.

Winter 2019

Legends of Learning – (Vanderbilt Study)

Sphero – (White Paper)

ThinkCERCA – (LEAP Case Study), (Atlantic Research Partners Case Study), (SRI Education Case Study)

NoRedInk – (WestEd Case Study) 

August 2018

ERDI colleagues. Whether you serve as an ERDI superintendent, other consulting member, or as a corporate innovation partner, hopefully you are setting out to have your best school year ever coming up. Mindful about all of the professional development we host for teachers and other employees, this piece provides some nice reflection on great practices.

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